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06/11/2018 Actividades/Eventos


For the first time in Europe, the Art and History Museum is dedicating a major exhibition to the art of pre-Columbian textiles.


The public will also be able to admire adornments, accessories and jewellery. An exhibition not to be missed, from 23 November 2018.


We will show in chronological and geographical order the textile products and adornments of the Andes. Around 200 objects, including exceptionally well-preserved items
and major works from European museums and private collectors, will be displayed. The chronology of Peru is divided into “Horizons” and “Intermediaries”. Horizons
are periods where one particular civilisation extends its power and infl uence over the whole of Peru. The so-called intermediary periods are when several civilisations with
diff erent styles and regional variations coexist.


In other words, in the ancient history of Peru, periods of relative cultural uniformity (Horizons) alternate with periods of great regional diversity (Intermediaries). This is how, during the intermediary periods, there are a succession of small kingdoms spread out from North to South.